We help our clients connect the dots, from the field to the office

Our Mission

Our mission is to help manufacturers, distributors, and service providers to be in closer connection with the realities of the field and understand how their customers access and interact with their products and services. 

We help our clients transition in the paradigm under which they operate, from a pure top-down, undifferentiated mass-market approach, to a more collaborative vision, taking into account the complexity of the distribution ecosystem and linking various stakeholders in constant interaction. Today, the widespread adoption of smartphones, data connectivity, and cloud technologies make it possible to easily create those smart interactions.

As a result, companies can achieve benefits of scalability and more individualised interaction by leveraging the large volumes of data collected and analyzed. And by providing the field users with the right tools to interact with the brands and professionalize their work, we build more engagement and trust, which reflect in strengthened loyalty and stronger relationships.

What we build

Our main product is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, FieldPro, which relies on a mobile and a web application that can be fully customized as per your business needs by defining modular workflows and activities, and integrating it into any external systems through our suite of APIs.

With our solution, our clients manage to achieve efficiency and transparency in their distribution management. At the same time, the field users - such as sales representatives, merchandisers, promoters, among others - save time in their work, focusing on the core value of their work, the face to face interaction, and less on the tedious and time consuming data entry and collection tasks. Field Force Automation does not stand for replacing the fieldwork. On the contrary, its ambition is to recognize how valuable the human relationship on the field with the customer is essential.

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