Be data driven through Field Force Analytics

Understand all aspects of your business with Field Force Analytics of real-time accurate data, analysis, and intelligence of your field sales and distribution.

Dashboards and data visualisations

  • Build custom and interactive dashboards to track the KPIs that matter
  • Display the data both on the web interface and the mobile app
  • Integrate your existing data and systems including ERP’s, internal Business Intelligence, etc

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  • Follow on dynamic maps the paths followed by the field users and the circuits of Places visited
  • Optimise the circuits to follow during the day based on the importance of the outlet, the latest visits and its KPIs
  • Display the journey plan to follow to the field user

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Automated Notification and Triggers

  • Predictive field sales data analysis and insights
  • Schedule notifications or tasks based on custom business logic and processes
  • Share knowledge and performance update

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It has made my work easier, because, at a glance, I can easily check all the activities of the company within Smala, I can check who has reported, who has not reported, I can see sales for a particular period, and I can do follow-ups."

Ken Odipo

National Sales Manager

Groupe SEB