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We are a market leader in Field Force Management within several regions in Africa and beyond. 

Field Force and Field Sales Management Team
Optimetriks East Africa Operations Team
Optimetriks Paris Team
Optimetriks Nairobi Team
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What we value

Skin in the game

We are looking for people who want to grow with the company, and are committed with us on the long run.

Interest for emerging markets

Our focus is on helping our clients manage their field operations in difficult and unstructured retail environments.

Modern technology stack

We work with the most efficient and recent programming languages. We like trying the new technologies.

Human touch

We like to put ourselves in the shoes of our users, we focus on making the user experience smooth.

Creative and design minded

We build a product both beautiful and robust. We value the capacity to come up with new ideas and craft something original.


Our primary focus is to please our clients, we listen to our users, we acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them

Team Player

We want people who enjoy working with colleagues, who accept feedback and like sharing.


Our solution improves the lives of distributors, sales reps, field vendors and retailers. We are motivated by contributing to a better society.

Lively and dynamic

We are friendly, we like to have fun times together in team building sessions


We provide exposure to real use cases, you grow your skills in doing and being in close contact with clients and users.

Distributed office presence

We have office presence in Nairobi, Dakar, Paris, Grenoble and Nantes. We offer part remote options.