Field Force Automation for Consumer Goods companies

Manage efficiently your distribution and field operations with a fully digitised sales tracking solution.

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Key benefits

Full visibility of your field operations

Achieve better sales force productivity through real-time performance monitoring.

Reduce sales administration

Don't waste time in data management thanks to automated reporting on web and mobile apps.

Capture data offline and sync later

Make the adoption easy for your sales force thanks to a friendly interface and offline mode.

Consumer Goods brands trust us

A Mobile CRM to know your retailers

  • Identify a retailer on all key information: Contact, GPS, picture, equipment presence, etc.
  • Create distribution zones, assign retailers to them or to sales reps, and measure coverage.
  • Track all visits and sales to your retailers to segment them.

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Monitor all your field sales force in real-time

  • Measure the productivity of your sales force through KPIs: time worked, calls, strike rate, sales, etc.
  • Access to GPS tracking showing retailers visited and follow up on routes taken.
  • Get real-time analytics and reports on web dashboards.

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Digitise all your field sales operations

  • Record each sales done to the distributors, wholesalers, retailers, street vendors, etc.
  • Get detailed analytics on retailers and product performance through live reports and notifications.
  • Implement a loyalty program for retailers based on sales targets.

Automate your Sales with FieldPro


FieldPro digital tool has been customised in a few days and was very easy to use. It helped us get reliable data on our distribution presence and identify new opportunities for our Route To Market in different Western African countries."

Armelle Schlumberger

Head of Infant Nutrition

Danone Afrique


Manage your sales and orders digitally with FieldPro

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