Field Force Automation for Dairy companies

One single solution to monitor your sales activities and sourcing, in quantity and quality.

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Key benefits

Achieve higher field force productivity

Implement real-time performance monitoring to enhance the productivity of your sales reps.

Get full traceability on milk collection

Identify your suppliers, track the quantity and quality of milk sourced.

Record everything offline and sync later

Simplify the work of your sales reps with our easy to use mobile app which can work fully offline.

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Empower your field force with a Mobile CRM

  • Identify your different suppliers and record each collection.
  • Understand the quality of milk collected and compliance with health standards.
  • Build clear reports to have full tracability on milk over the time.

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Monitor your sales force in real-time

  • Measure the productivity of your sales force on main KPIs: time worked, calls, strike rate, sales, etc.
  • Create routine checklist to follow up visits and use GPS monitoring.
  • Get real-time reports on the mobile app and on web dashboards.

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Digitise all your sales and distribution activities

  • Capture the different sales you do, to retailers, distributors, etc.
  • Identify all selling and storage assets deployed in the trade, and control their status.
  • Share receipt to retailers. Track the payment flows and credit limit.

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I am very happy to count Optimetriks as our IT partner for our sales digitisation effort. I appreciate their reactivity in rolling out software solutions that are relevant for us, that produce the right analytical data to understand our distribution at a granular level."

Ziobeieton Yeo

General Manager West Africa

FanMilk West Africa


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