Distributor Stock Offloading

Record stock given by the distributor to the sales reps and returned.


What is this workflow ?

This workflow helps to measure the stock given by a distributor warehouse to vendors who then go and sell during the day.

At the end of the day, the sales reps will come back and indicate the products left. A reconciliation is done against the cash collected by the sales rep to validate the stock return.

The stock given and taken back reflects on the net stock position of the distributor.

With it you will capture the following data:

  • Quantity of products transferred to the sales rep

  • Quantity of products taken back from the sales rep

  • Cash returned by the sales rep

Who is this workflow for?

  • Sales Representatives

  • Distributor Warehouse Manager

What KPIs will you get ?

  • Stock transferred

  • Stock returned

  • Gap between stock and cash collected = Sales Rep debt

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I am very happy to count Optimetriks as our IT partner for our sales digitisation effort. I appreciate their reactivity in rolling out software solutions that are relevant for us, that produce the right analytical data to understand our distribution at a granular level."

Ziobeieton Yeo

West Africa General Manager



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