Field Force Automation for the Energy Sector

Obtain better visibility of your product's distribution and maintenance. Track your field force activities and performance, ensure successfull relationship with customers.

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Key benefits

Increase field force productivity

Get better Return on Investment on your Opex through real-time performance monitoring of your field teams.

Improve relationship with your customers

Track field activities, manage sales and maintenance calls to maintain successful relationships with customers.

Reduce paperwork and eliminate data gaps

Digitise your processes and obtain reliable data from all your field operations to avoid data loss or fraud.

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Customer acquisition process with Offline Mobile CRM

  • Identify your customers with all key informations: Contact, GPS, picture, equipment presence, etc. while offline.
  • Create distribution territories: assign customers to them and to sales rep to measure coverage.
  • Track all visits and sales to your customers to segment them.

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Monitor your field force performance

  • Follow field team and evaluate performance in real-time. Calculate commissions automatically.
  • Track after sales support and collections with technicians interventions.
  • Create smart visit based on usage scenario (credit limit, debt, collection).

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External Integrations

  • Easily import and export data with our bulk features.
  • Leverage our set of APIs to easily integrate to other systems (inventory, credit management, etc).
  • Send SMS notifications and payments to customers thanks to our partner integrations.

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FieldPro has been the ideal tool to help our field force improve their performance. It is an easy to use solution that facilitates day-to-day monitoring of the team, achieve objective through improving performance of the team on the ground."

Pascal Simon


Amarante Consulting


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