Boost productivity with Field Force Tracking

Manage and track your field force team activities and performance in a data-driven way with live geo-tracking and real-time analytics

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Full visibility with GPS tracking in real-time

  • Follow on a map where your field force is going, the customers visited and other activities made.
  • Automated and regular GPS capture through our app, no hardware required.
  • Understand the time work, time spent at each outlet, consistency of route followed, among other relevant KPIs.

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Optimise journey plans with Algorithms

  • Define optimisation parameters such as customers location, segmentation, sales, amount due, etc.
  • Reduce time spent in transport and maximise the return on investment from your field force.
  • Assignments of customers to be visited updated automatically on a daily basis.

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Get detailed performance analytics on work done

  • Access web and mobile dashboards reflecting the activities and KPIs achieved by the field force.
  • Set smart targets for your field force and automatically measure their achievements to know variable incentives.
  • Obtain automated dashboards and reports about your field force activities and performance: time worked, number of visits, customers covered, etc.

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FieldPro has been the ideal tool to help our field force improve our performance. It is an easy to use solution that facilitates day-to-day monitoring of the team, achieve objective through improving performnace of the team on the ground."

Pascal Simon


Amarante Consulting