Field Force Automation for Financial Services Providers

For Mobile Network Operators who offer mobile money services or banks with agency banking, we help manage the agent network

Key benefits

Agent mapping

Identify and geo map all your agents. Segment them. Create routes and assign them to territories.

Field Force Monitoring

Monitor the performance KPIs of your field force in real time: calls, strike rate, sales, etc.

Quality Visit

Define checklists for the field user to go through when visiting agents.

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Understand your agent presence

  • Define the different information to collect for each retailer.
  • Geo map them with accurate automated GPS.
  • Create distributions areas and assign the retailers to them.

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Monitor your Agent field supervisors performance

  • Measure the productivity of your field force in terms of basic KPIs: time worked, visits, coverage, etc.
  • Define and measure automatically performance incentives for your sales force to reduce turnover.
  • Display transparently the data in the mobile app and on web dashboards.

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Ensure the quality of the agent visit

  • Ensure the agent has all the required branding and customer information.
  • Define checklist for agent training to make sure they offer a good customer experience.
  • Track their liquidity levels, satisfaction and capture qualitative feedback.

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Guarantee the Quality of your Agent Network