Sync Quickbooks with FieldPro to have a 360 view of your customers and log orders automatically

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How it works

Syncing the data between Quickbooks and FieldPro enables the sales rep to make smarter visit by being fully informed on the client financial data and make them save time to push orders logged automatically in Sage.

  • Show all your customer details registered on Quickbooks on the FieldPro app for the sales rep (contact information, payment terms, billing information, credit limits, etc)

  • View the transaction history of your customer on FieldPro (previous purchases, invoices, payments, debt level, etc)

  • Visualise and understand the customer activity on FieldPro through dynamic mobile charts

  • Enable your Sales Rep to generate from FieldPro well structured PDF account statements that can be then shared to customers during the visit

  • Allow field staff to log quotes, orders and credits requests from the FieldPro mobile app and get them pushed automatically to Quickbooks with our API based integration to avoid manual error and time wasted in information sharing.

  • Synchronise your Quickbooks product list on FieldPro to show the up to date information on your SKUs (price level, customer type rebates, promotions, warehouse stock levels) to avoid ordering out of stock goods and wrong pricing

About Quickbooks

QuickBooks Enterprise lets you manage inventory, reporting, sales, time tracking, and payroll from anywhere with cloud access.


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* No credit card required