Field Force Automation for Last Mile Distributors

We are the right solution to track the selling to customers when selling Paygo solar products or water access, or else

Key benefits of field force automation

Outlet mapping

Identify and geo map all your retailers. Segment them. Create routes and assign them to territories.

Field Force Monitoring

Monitor the performance KPIs of your field force in real time: calls, strike rate, sales, etc.

Sales Automation

Digitise the various sales processes, van sales, orders and deliveries, indirect, etc at each level of your distribution structure.

Major last mile distributors trust us

Understand your trade presence

  • Identify your customers and define all the key information to gather.
  • Locate them with accurate automated GPS.
  • Create distributions areas, assign the customers to them and measure coverage.

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Monitor your Last Mile Sales Force performance

  • Measure the productivity of your field force in terms of basic KPIs: time worked, visits, coverage, etc.
  • Define and measure automatically performance incentives for your sales force to reduce turnover.
  • Display transparently the data in the mobile app and on web dashboards.

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Capture all your sales digitally

  • Record each type of sales done to the last mile customers. Orders and deliveries, direct sales, etc.
  • Share and print receipt to retailers. Track the payment flows and credit limit.
  • Train your field agents on products with in app documentation.

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Simplify your last mile distribution