Empower your field sales force with our Offline Mobile CRM

Register your customers with our sales rep mobile app to build complete databases. Understand where they are located and how to segment them properly

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Understand your geographic coverage

  • Identify client with automated capture of customer GPS coordinates from the mobile app.
  • Split your customer base into different territories, visualise them on a map.
  • Ensure visits to customers take place with mandatory geo check in/out.

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Collect and access customer information on the field

  • Create a unified database, always in sync between the mobile and web app.
  • Define the fields to identify a customers, make some unique, mandatory, etc.
  • Allow your field force to create or update customer information, view client history, etc.

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Analyse customer performance

  • Access detailed reports on web and mobile apps to understand the customer dynamics.
  • Share to the customer an account statement listing all transactions and amounts due.
  • Automatically score your customers potential based on criterias defined for a dynamic segmentation.

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The solution has been a real value addition to the commercial reorganization, bring much needed efficiency gains in our processes. Their agile software solution has been critical in getting the right data points to understand our strengths on the field, manage our outlet universe and rationalise our process."

Géraldine Schildknecht

Marketing and Commercial Director

Gaselia Group