Ensure quality and compliance with our field inspection app

Leverage on our mobile app and custom workflows to perform mobile inspections and asset monitoring. Ensure quality and safety compliance

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Monitor assets deployment and performance

  • Identify your assets with barcode scanning, accurate geo location, pictures and other context information.
  • Review if they require maintenance, analyse their performance.
  • Assign inspection activities to field users, monitor their status and time to completion.

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Ensure quality and safety compliance

  • Create custom checklists reflecting your safety and inspection routines.
  • Capture on our offline mobile app inspection evidence, with geo location data, picture, signature and timestamps.
  • Create smart workflows with automated conditionality and data entry constraints.

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Create real time monitoring reports

  • Visualise whether work has been completed on interactive analytical dashboards.
  • Reduce time spent on data entry and reporting, with automated reports in sync with data captured on mobile.
  • Define automated alerts by emails, in app or SMS to give everyone aligned on work performance.

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FieldPro has made my work easier, because at a glance, I can easily check all the activities of the company within FieldPro. I can check who has reported, who has not reported, I can see activities for a particular period, and I can do follow-ups."

Ken Odipo


SEB groupe