Product Updates April 2021

14 April, 2021



In this newsletter we are happy to share some good news related to the release of the version 2.12 of our solution and our international expansion to new markets. 

1. Automated email reports of the dashboard KPIs

2. View full visit data on the Web Application

3. Full website and Knowledge Base translation in Spanish and French

4. New Product Page on LinkedIn with customer testimonials

Automated Email Reports. Web Application

The ability to define any kind of reporting in a custom way is a key strength of our product. By connecting to the dashboards section of the web app, you can apply filters, per user, teams, date, etc, download the report in pdf, excel, etc.. But we have realized that not all users had the time to do so, and just wanted a simple to read digest of the reports delived to their emails while they are on the go.

Instead of having to log in on the web application to view , we have now made it possible to receive automatically the reports by email at the frequency defined on the KPIs that matter for the organisation to a large number of recipients. The reports that can be sent at this stage are the scorecards and the tables. To set this up or get a demo on this feature, please get in touch us.

View Workflow Data. Web Application

While the dashboard present you a structured vision of the data captured around some KPIs, it can also be useful to view the individual responses for a field visit done. To enable this, we have greatly improved the display on the web application of the data captured by the field users through the mobile app in the workflow submissions.

You can view in a simple way all submissions done by your field team in a list view:

  • the picture taken

  • the values in the matrix, typically quantity and sales value

  • the responses to all workflow questions

  • some meta data

To understand more about this feature and all the other improvements released as part of the 2.12, click on the link below.

View new features and improvements

Spanish and French Translations. Growth 

As we are targeting new geographies in our international development, we have made a significant effort to translate in French and Spanish:

  • Our online Knowledge Base  

  • Our mobile and web applications

  • Our website and blog content

LinkedIn Product Page. Growth 

We have recently created a new product page on LinkedIn where you can view:

  • Testimonials and ratings from some users

  • Our existing portfolio of customers

  • An up to date description of our product features

We also regularly post content on our page about industry news and our recent updates, to stay informed, please follow us there.

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