Product Updates April

10 December, 2020



We hope you are keeping safe in these troubled times. While we remain deeply concerned about the current situation, we have actually been busy working on improving our solution and are happy to announce that some nice features have been deployed in our latest 2.3 release :

1. Coronavirus Notification (Mobile)

2. Dedicated Pictures Section (Web)

3. Place Pictures and History (Mobile)

4. Automated Dashboards (Web)

5. Insights Section (Mobile)

6. New Knowledge Base

7. New Website

Covid19 Notification. Mobile

Our immediate contribution for the current crisis is to raise awareness among the mobile app users on how to keep safe from the Covid 19. We have implemented a notification on the mobile app showing what are the right behaviours to avoid being infected and spread it. This has been made easy thanks to our notification engine which enables us to push any notification to mobile users quickly. If you are interested to send custom messages to your field staff, let us know!

Pictures Section. Web

We have now developed a centralised interface to view all the pictures that have been taken from the users, be it through workflows or for list items. This makes it much easier to go through the pictures. You can filter them by question tags or list attributes, date or user name. With this, all the pictures taken from the field can be found quickly and fully exploited by the web users.

Place Pictures and History. Mobile

When accessing the Place Detail view, the user can now see two new tabs. On the Pictures tab, he can view the last pictures that were taken for this Place, giving him some background information on the evolution of this Place. On the History tab, he can view the past workflow submissions for the Place to understand the history of the relationship.

Automated Dashboards. Web

As a milestone for this 2.3, we have created a whole new reporting engine, that enables us to create simply all types of data visualisations, connected to one of our databases or an external database, if you want us to exploit some internal system data. Various chart types can be used: line, bar, pie chart, heatmap, calendar, timeline, etc. That should enable us to migrate our visualisations from Power Bi to our internal web app and be much more flexible in providing the right analytical view.

Insights Section. Mobile

Similarly, the Insights section on the mobile has been revamped to enable more user friendly and dynamic visualisations, like line, bar, pie chart, etc. By default, the user sees some KPIs on the number of submissions and items added/edited, but custom dashboards can also be easily developed to display the KPIs that matter for the users. To get that implemented for your deployment, please get in touch !

Knowledge Base Update

We have also launched our new online Knowledge Base. You can easily find there all the content to learn how to use properly the web interface and the mobile application. Navigate through the different sections or use the search engine to find the relevant content for you. We are regularly updating it with the new additions and to make the content useful. This comes in addition to our new direct chat support that is available once connected on the mobile and web application.

Explore the Knowledge Base

New Website

We have revamped our website, giving it a fresh look related. It provides more detail on our software products and how they improve sales and distribution ecosystems. The new website also includes a pricing page showing our new pricing tiers and the features included in each. Additionally, we continue to add pages to the website amongst which is a support page to come soon. Please take some time to browse through it and learn more on what we can provide to help you.

Visit our New Website

Get the new features

Reach out to your Optimetriks Account Manager to get these new features set up on your deployment or contact us at [email protected] Visit the PlayStore to download the Mobile App update !


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