Product Updates February 2021

22 February, 2021



Every 6 weeks comes a new version of our app, in the v2.11 that has just been released, you will find the following new features and improvements:

  • Mobile

    • Recap view of matrix

    • Duplicate submission

    • Improved design view of item

    • Other updates

  • Web 

    • Improved view and capabilities on workflow submissions

    • Dashboard on item view 

    • Caroussel component to better view the pictures

    • Other updates

Please get in touch with your account manager or by writing to [email protected] to know more about them !

Recap view of matrix. Mobile

We have made it more visible and clear for the mobile users to see what products they have been selected in the matrix question, that is used to book a sales, a delivery, a stock check, etc. As such, no need to renter the matrix to get the confirmation of the operation. The number to display is configurable on the web application. Knowledge Base.

Duplicate submission. Mobile

We have made it possible to duplicate a submission. This is useful in the context of a field user who goes to visit an outlet he has already visited in the past, and purchases more or less the same type of products. Instead of starting from scratch and inputting all the data again, he can duplicate the previous visit and edit the values based on the changes. The field user can only duplicate a submission for a Place if he is checked in and it will not duplicate the picture questions. Knowledge Base.

Improved list item design. Mobile 

We have improved the design of the list item to make the picture stand out better and the types of attributes more understandable  As a reminder, the attributes to define an item, i.e. a product, an outlet or an asset are totally customisable on our solution. Knowledge Base.

Other updates. Mobile 

There are a couple of exciting new features that are now live:

  • Ability to push custom notifications to your users on the field

  • Be able to select the time period on which the mobile insights will apply. The field user can choose any of these periods: Yesterday, Today, Last Week, This Week, Last Month, This Month based on what is relevant to him

  • The sync status of the task is now visible as a green tick

  • Search applies on all important attributes of an item, so that you can search not only on the name of the item, but also on other important attributes, like the retailer name, the phone number, etc

  • Define conditions on list attributes, this is useful to collect more or less information based on the response for example a shop type

  • Filter on the Map the Places that have not been visited for a period of time

  • Automatic rejection of the dark pictures taken on the mobile

  • The Mobile App is now available in Spanish !

The 2.11 version of the app is available for download on the PlayStore in this link below or by searching for "FieldPro". And if you like it, please give us a good rating.

Important: this update does not require the mobile user to log out so there is no risk of losing the data not synced on the phone.

Expanded view for submission. Web

On the web app, you can now get a more detailed view of the submisison of the field users. You can view all responses in a clear way and perform some actions, such as editing and deleting the submission if there was incorrect data being captured. Knowledge Base.

Dashboard on list item. Web

Just like on the mobile where you can view dashboard for a Place, you can now view specific charts for a list item in the expanded view. This can be used to better understand the dynamics of a client, or a product. 

Carroussel component. Web

This new component helps you visualise pictures inside dashboards, so that you can filter on a specific question or list attribute to only view the pictures related to it. The legend of the pictures as well is totally customisable.

Other updates. Web

Our web application has also been greatly improved with these new features:

  • Perform large bulk operations in the background

  • Caroussel component to display the pictures in the dashboard

  • Edit and delete a submission from the web app

  • Export GPS timeline data in Excel

  • New Matrix component with levels and more operations

  • Improvement of the Team Hierarchy section

  • Plenty of User Experience improvements

How to benefit from these new features and improvements ? 

We are happy to provide dedicated training on these new features to help you make the most of FieldPro. To arrange for such a session, please write to this email: [email protected] 


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