Product Updates January 2021

22 January, 2021



As this new year starts off, we wish you the best for 2021, in personal and professional achievements ! Thanks for using our product, we are committed to keep improving it throughout the year to help you in managing your field business operations. 

In this newsletter you will find an overview about the features and improvements that have been proudly delivered on the mobile and web applications with the version 2.10. As much as possible we refer to the documentation available for each with a link to the relevant online Knowledge Base articles, where you will find more details.

New Features. Mobile Application

We have completely redesigned our mobile application to strengthen the usability and make the user interface consistent and aligned with our new FieldPro brand identity. As part of the release, we have also added various new features and improvements, such as:

  • The ability for any field user to sign up directly to access a demo environment, without being registered. This can be accessed by clicking on "not registered yet?" on the login page. KB

  • The ability to search any list item on all attributes marked as important. Before the search function would only apply to the item title. Remember you can customize the item attributes your define as important so they appear in the item card and can be searchable. KB

  • Force the mobile user to fill in Place attributes that have been defined as mandatory after the check in. Until now, only the outside picture and GPS location were mandatory fields to fill after a first check in. Now even if the Places are already created, by defining an attribute as mandatory you can ensure the mobile user will have to fill it before being able to check in and do a submission for this Place. This is very useful to ensure your lists are well filled. KB

  • Be able to generate a duplicate from a previously completed submission. This is to save time for the mobile user so that he can replicate the data that has been filled for a previous submission, for example if the sales value in the items matrix is the same. Pictures will not be replicated. KB

  • Automatic log out of a mobile user who is unlicenced if he syncs. KB

  • Display on one single page of all the Place attributes in the Place details view. Also an attribute with empty values will not show. KB

  • Clearer display of all the steps in loading the environment. This is to help be clearer for the user and better understand if there is an issue in the sync process. KB

  •  Be able to view the calculated attributes of a list item and filter with them. Calculated attributes are attributes that get updated with an SQL query based on the value of other workflows, and that can be used for example to define the customer status automatically, the payment due, etc. To put that in place, please get in touch with us. KB

  • A new data visualisation component for the mobile insights: table component. It helps better visualize data on several lines and columns. KB

  • And plenty of design improvements in the charts, the app screens, etc to align the app to our new FieldPro brand. Hope you will like it !

The 2.10 version of the app is available for download on the PlayStore in this link below or by searching for "FieldPro". And if you like it, please give us a good rating.

Important: the mobile user needs to log out of its app and back in. So he/she needs to sync the data present on his phone before updating otherwise it will be lost when connecting to the new version of the app.

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New features. Web Application

Our web application has been greatly improved with these new features:

  • New and cleaner geo-tracking interface with a timeline on the right showing the detailed activities of the field user during the day. KB

  • New Place Map interface with clustering of places for easier navigation and more details on the place selected. KB

  • Automated identification of duplicates in the list. This is to enable you to find duplicated items on the attributes you pick. You can also define any attribute as unique so that the mobile user can only create one item with this attribute value, this is useful to avoid having many items with the same phone numbers or agent code, etc that need to serve as primary keys. KB

  • New filters. This is a major upgrade on the ability to better filter and search accross the various sections of the app. KB

  • New bulk functions: bulk delete, bulk empty values of an item attribute, bulk assignment, etc.

  • Be able to define a specific view for the workflow submission by adding more columns to be displayed. This is to help you track in real time from the web application the workflow submissions and control them. The values to display or be filtered are custom and defined by an SQL query. 

  • Download dashboard in pdf. KB

  • Filter the Places map with different legends. Last visit date, user who last visited it and Place type. KB

  • New list attributes: dynamically calculated from SQL queries, list within a list. KB

  • Define for each workflow question the single choice attribute to be used as the category header in the matrix question. So that the matrix can be displayed with different headers for the products. KB

  • View in the user section the app version and last synchro date. KB

  • Be able to define sub total in matrix.

  • Define a unique login so that each mobile user can only be logged once. KB

  • Compact / expanded view of the list items. We now only display the attributes marked as important in the compact view. To view all items attributes and be able to edit / archive them, you need to go to the expanded view. KB

  • Web user roles to access the dashboards. Roles serve to differentiate the access to the web dashboards, so that even if two web users are in the same team, they might not have access to the same dashboards. This is useful to protect data confidentiality. KB

  • Matrix component. This is a powerful data visualisation brick to be able to represent a table in multiple dimensions in terms of hierarchy levels or product categories. To set this up, please liaise to your account manager.

How to benefit from these new features and improvements ? 

We realize it is a lot of new things and that you might have questions on how this applies for your specific environment. We are happy to provide dedicated training on these new features to help you make the most of FieldPro. To arrange for such a session, please write to your account manager or to this email: [email protected] 

New Knowledge Base. Support

As our product becomes more sophisticated with addition of new features, we have made the effort to update our online knowledge base with more content on how to use FieldPro through the three main components: mobile app, web app and dashboards.

You will see our Knowledge Base has also gone through an improvement in the look and feel, with cleaner display and navigation, explanatory screenshots, etc.  

Producing the right support content is a constant effort, so if you find missing parts or have suggestions on how we can improve that, we are open to your feedback !

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