Product Updates June

10 December, 2020



Our new release (v2.5) is out with some exciting features:

1. Share recap of a transaction

2. Check out from a place

3. Assign a task to another user

4. GPS Tracking (Web)

5. Custom insights for an outlet

6. FanMilk Success Story

7. We’re Hiring

Share a Transaction Recap. Mobile

Thanks to our new sharing functionality, a sales rep or a distributor can easily share the content of a transaction with the retailer or a field vendor. This can act as a form of digital receipt to confirm a transaction between the two parties and improve trust. As a web app administrator, you can choose the fields that need to be shared from the workflow or task. Typically the message could include the quantity sold, the price paid, etc as well as some meta data authentifying the message, such as the timestamp and a unique id. The message is in text format and can be shared through the different messaging apps of the user: SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

Check out from a Place. Mobile

After a sales representative or field officer has checked into a Place, it is now mandatory for him to also check out from it. This enables the app to record the duration of the visit accurately, and to show for the day the visit times and transport times. The user is not permitted to check in another Place if he has not checked out of the previous one visited. As a reminder our geo check in feature ensures the field user can submit a workflow related to a Place only if his GPS locates him within 250 meters of it.

Assign a Task to Another User. Mobile

With the task functionnality, you can ensure the field user completes the action he is supposed to do. This is useful in the case of a distributor who needs to assign deliveries to multiple riders, or a supervisors who wants his field officer to close an issue he has spotted, or an agent who wants to make sure his shop assistant fills the closing stock. A task can now be assigned to any other user belonging to the same team as the user who generated the task. In the task recap you can see the owner of the task as well as their phone number.

GPS Tracking. Web

We have grealty improved our GPS tracking fonctionnality to help understand the routes followed by the sales rep during the day. GPS locations are reported every 15 minutes during the working hours, even when the app is not open, providing an accurate mapping of the outlets visited and the movements of the users. The start and end of the sales representative’s day is highlighted as well as the outlets visited and the order in which they were visited.

Custom Insights for an Outlet. Mobile

Our reporting engine now allows you to define custom KPIs for an outlet giving sales representatives access to its history of activities. Relevant insights can be the outlet’s number of visits in the past 30 or 90 days, its average purchase amount, the types of goods bought, etc. This helps creates a better understanding of the customers past activities in a Customer Relationship Management type of analysis.

FanMilk Success Story

We have published a case study describing our work with the West African dairy giant FanMilk, part of the Danone Group. The case study highlights how we digitised their Outdoor sales operations which relies on thousands of field vendors to sell its products. Thanks to our implementation, we enabled them to improve their level of understanding on the dynamics of their field vendors, improve their loyalty, and grow sales.

Read the Case Study

We’re Hiring

We have created new openings and positions to grow our team. Please share our careers portal with any talented people you know that may be interested.

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