Product Updates September 2021

21 September, 2021



The FieldPro team is happy to share with you the latest enhancements we have brought to the solution over the past few months:  

  • Understand the structure of tables composing your environment

  • Easily share KPI notifications by email, SMS and in app 

  • Expanded activity view for users, items and in GPS tracking

  • Freshdesk integration to automatically create smart support tickets

  • Automated usage monitoring dashboards

 To view the full details on all the enhancements and features visit the help center in the Releases section.

As a reminder, to make the most of our product, we encourage you to visit our help center, which is regularly updated and available in English, French and Spanish.

If you need any assistance or have any question on how to implement a specific feature please contact your dedicated account manager or send us an email to [email protected] and we will get in touch!

Understand in detail the tables composing your database

We have worked on a new section of the Web Application called "Environment" whose purpose is to provide more visibility on the structure of the underlying database and the data quality with some automated sanity checks. That will help a data analyst to have a detailed understanding on how the tables reflecting the list and workflows are built and can be leveraged for a clean reporting or an integration with an external system.

Several features can be found in that section:

  • Database structure. This report will show you tables with the list of all the tables in your database, their different types, the number of lines they contain, the different variables in each, and the primary keys for linking two tables.

  • Automated Sanity Checks. On this part, you will be able to see for each list defined in the environment the number of items, the number of orphan items, i.e. without any owner assigned to, the number of duplicates per list attributes, of null value. You can also see the number of teams assigned per each team label or level to understand if your hierarchy is well configured.

  • Entity Relationship Diagram. On this page, you will see a visual representation of the tables composing your environment with all the variables that they contain, and how they are linked to each other.

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Share data more easily with your users and customers

Collecting data for management purposes is good, but our intention with FieldPro is truly to “connect the dots”, meaning the other stakeholders must be aligned on the data reported and have access to it easily.

This is why we have added other channels to share data, on top of the existing front end interfaces, on the mobile and web applications. Our notification engine allows to configure any queries and to automatically share it with the recipient at a defined frequency.

  • Email. Custom text messages can be sent along with KPI reports in the form of scorecards and tables.

  • SMS. The message will be sent to the phone number of list items, typically your customers

  • In App. It will appear as a notification for the app user.

On top of that, we have created a new feature of Account Statement. This is accessible when a field user visits a customer. By clicking on the statement, a pdf will be generated that can be shared with the customer by WhatsApp or email. By default the statement contains information about the last visits over the last 6 month, but the structure of the table in it can be customized as per the business need and what needs to be shared with the customer.

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Expanded view for a user or item activity

We have made it possible to understand more in details straight from the web application the individual activity related to a user or item. To visualise this for a user, click on More, you will then see all the submissions that he has completed recently. And each submission can be displayed in full screen.

On the web application, by clicking on the user profile and More button, you can view all the submissions.

A similar logic can also be found in the GPS tracking where you can now click on the link to expand in detail the profile of the customer visited or the activity made.

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Freshdesk Partnership and Integration

We are now an official reseller of the leading ticketing system Freshdesk ( This tool is widely used as a simple and affordable solution for customer service teams to manage client requests. Thanks to this status, obtained after a vetting process, we can help implement Freshdesk.

We have also built a fully fledged connection that enables our FieldPro solution to be used to create tickets that will then reflect on the Freshdesk interface to be managed by the customer service team. The content of the ticket can be a mix of information collected from the mobile app by the field user and information from other tables, such as the client list or usage data, so that the ticket combines all the useful data to be handled by the support team.

Visit Freshdesk website ->

Automated reports to monitor mobile and web users activity 

So that you can monitor the activity of your users, we have produced two new reports by default, which shed light on the activities of your mobile and web users, in terms of actions done on the applications, dashboard viewed, level of activity, etc.

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We are all dedicated to helping make the most of the FieldPro solution in managing your field operations digitally. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager on [email protected] or through our help center


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