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Increase customer satisfaction, save time and money, and improve your field operations productivity with our real time dashboards

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FieldPro Mobile CRM

FieldPro helps your business be efficient in the field, all the time

Control field execution

Ensure your field teams work as per the professional standards defined, for their customer visits and their field activities.

Automate Reporting

Dashboards are automatically in sync with the field data at any time, avoiding manual time to process and analyse the data

Decide with Data

Filter the reports on multiple dimensions to analyse in detail your customer performance and all aspects of your activities

FieldPro Mobile CRM

Analyse Business Performance

Be it to monitor your field team performance, customer portofolio, sales or any other field activity, the dashboards are easy to use and understand, both for the user in office and the one on the field to highlight the right KPIs.

Dashboard Builder

Start with our template dashboards and customise them as per your needs, leverage our rich library of chart components to build the dashboards that truly match your needs. Integrate any external data sources.

FieldPro Mobile CRM
FieldPro Mobile CRM

Automate Reports

Share the reports automatically by email, in the mobile app, or through SMS, at recurring frequencies, to have everyone aligned in your company behind the right KPIs and real time data.

Grow your business with the right field reporting

*No credit card required