Perfect store execution with our retail audit app

Leverage our mobile app and image recognition algorithms to automatically detect product and branding presence. Implement data-driven loyalty programs

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Perform detailed Retail Audits

  • Leverage our mobile app workflows to tapture data on product presence, pricing, competition presence, customer satisfaction, etc. Customise checklist options to ensure the perfect store guidelines are met.
  • Geo check in feature to ensure your field users actually visit the shops they report data from. Optimise route plan to ensure full portfolio coverage.
  • Publish any types of documents on the mobile app the field user can refer to as training reference or marketing collateral.
  • Take multiple shop pictures from the field and comments to understand how your products and services are sold

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Automate Retail Audit with Image Recognition

  • State of the art machine learning algorithms detecting in all trade environments the product and branding presence on shelves.
  • Live scanning to show in real-time the results of the detection on the app.
  • Reduce time spent collecting data and ensure compliance with merchandising guidelines.

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Analyse your Trade Marketing Presence with Real Time Data

  • Leverage our reports to monitor numerical distribution, out of stock, pricing applied and competition activities
  • Visualise the time spent on visiting and training the customers and in transport to optimise the journey plans followed.
  • Display the data on web and mobile reports to have a full understanding of your operational performance.
  • Export Data in pdf and excel, share it regularly through email notifications

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It has made my work easier, because, at a glance, I can easily check all the activities of the company within FieldPro, I can check the attendance of the merchandisers, the stock levels of the products, their display in trade with picture, sales levels, etc. It is definitely a must have for any proper Sales Force Execution program."

Ken Odipo

Sales Manager

SEB Group