Perfect your Merchandising through Retail Audit

Conduct retail audit to track stock of your product in outlets, and ensure compliance of your pricing and merchandising requirements through our Field Force Automation app, FieldPro.

Ensure perfect store compliance 

  • Check stock and merchandising presence with pictures
  • Measure visit duration and confirm field users attendance with geo check in / check out
  • Follow competitors activities including pricing and stock levels

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Automate compliance check with image recognition

  • Detect branding and product presence with automated artificial intelligence detection
  • Real-time state of the art Machine Learning algorithms 
  • 95% Success Rates from standard quality pictures

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Collect data from the field

  • Leverage custom forms to capture data during visits with customers 
  • Get feedback from your customers and retailers in real time about their satisfaction
  • Take picture on branding deployed to ensure perfect retail execution

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Optimetriks has performed a national assessment of our distribution network performance in record time, with high quality results. The provided data, along with the web visualisations, have proved very useful in helping us improve our services."

Idrissa Diallo

Distribution Director

Orange Mali