Digitise and automate your Sales Operations

Record direct and indirect sales with our app to eliminate bottlenecks from manual processes. Access to dynamic dashboards for sales analytics and reports.

Empower your sales team with real-time data

  • Capture on the field all your different sales types through a simple interface on the app, even offline.
  • Time stamping and geo-tagging of every sales for clear accountability.
  • Adapt different pricing based on the customer types.

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Automate your end-to-end sales process

  • Computation fields dynamically showing what to bill and what is due by the customer.
  • Automated smart reconcilations to reduce the risk of manual errors and data inconsistencies.
  • Share digital receipts to your customers to create trust.

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Integrate with your ERP to have full business visibility

  • Upload and sync your products and customers lists to have the same data accross your systems.
  • Sync the distributor stock to ensure the sales captures are within inventory held.
  • Access Business Intelligence dashboards giving a comprehensive view on sales performance.

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The Optimetriks solution has been a real value addition to our global commercial reorganization, bringing much needed efficiency gains in our processes. Their agile software solution has been critical in getting the right data points to understand our commercial strengths on the field, manage our outlet universe, and rationalise our process."

Géraldine Schildknecht

Marketing and Commercial Director

Gaselia Group