Field Force Automation for the Water Access Sector

Ensure better results with one single solution to manage all water operations including logistics, sales, and field force monitoring.

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Key benefits

Smart data-driven decisions

Obtain data analysis reports to gain a better visibility of all aspects of your business.

Save time and eliminate data gaps

Automate all your field operations and collect all the key information to gain more efficiency.

Easy adoption and offline experience

Ensure the adoption from your field force thanks to a friendly interface and offline mode.

Companies within the Water Access sector trust us

A mobile first CRM to know your customers

  • Identify your customers with all key informations: Contact, GPS, picture, etc.
  • Geo map all your customers/retailers with accurate automated GPS and visualize them in our maps section in the Web App.
  • Create distribution territories: assign customers to them and to sales reps to measure coverage.

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Custom data collection to monitor production

  • Build flexible forms to capture any type of data from the field.
  • Implement workflow to track water production at agent/franchise level.
  • Create specific reports on agent performance, credit tracking, etc.

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Capture all sales easily from our Mobile App

  • Digitise all type of sales processes such as van sales, in-store sales, sales & delivery, cash collection, among others.
  • Keep track of your sales force to monitor performance and calculate acqurate commissions.
  • Configure your workflows with all key information to not miss any sales input to evaluate results of your business.

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FieldPro is a highly customisable aplication build for the last mile distribution chain. Its intuitive and user friendly design make it easy to scale accross various user categories like riders, shop owners, sales reps and more. The team is very dedicated, dynamic, friendly, and always fast to responde and the perfect partner for growing organisations. "

Tim Kasperidus


Jibu co.


Digitise all your field processes with FieldPro

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