Workflow Templates

Quickly get started by leveraging our easy to customize mobile app templates.

Asset Management

Monitor your equipments deployed on the field and their usage.

Street Vendor Sales

Identify your street vendors and sales equipment. Monitor the stock they load and their sales.

Order & Delivery

Log orders/pre-sales made by sales reps and assign deliveries. Follow their completion and payment collection.

Financial Services Agent Visit

Build a network of quality agents by defining checklist for training and compliance monitoring.

Technician Visit

Digitise the after sales support if an equipment is not working properly. Record the visit done to the customer and intervention done.

Direct Sales

Record sales done to retailers by sales representatives. Automate calculation, record discounts and payment made.

Retail Audit

Build checklists to conduct retail audit with key information and ensure perfect in-store execution.

Farmers certification

Collect detailed data from farmers to conduct certifications. Take photos, register locations & more.

Supply Chain Sourcing

Record your suppliers, monitor what you purchase from them and the quality of their raw products.

Customer registration

Collect detailed data from new customers. Adapt the questions to gather relevant information, add photos, register location.

Customer activation (BTL)

Automate the data collection for your Bottom the Line marketing activities by recording all customers engaged.

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