Asset Management

What is this workflow ? With this workflow you can keep track of the equipments you deploy in your distribution network, like cold equipment (fridge, cooler, freezer, etc) or sales equipment (kioks, pushcart, bike, headbox, etc).

With this workflow, you can:

  • Identify equipments precisely with pictures, GPS location and barcode scanning

  • Assign equipments to shops

  • Monitor their usage and status

  • Follow the movement of equipements between the different locations (warehouse, shop, repair workshop, etc)

Who is this workflow for ?

  • Sales Representatives in charge of monitoring the sales assets deployed on the field

  • Repair officers in charge of the maintenance

What KPIs will you get ?

  • Asset utilisation (% of use, sales per equipment)

  • Asset presence

FieldPro templates show you how with our no-code app builder you can obtain different workflows to digitse and automate your field processes. Our mobile app enables a flexible data collection in the field and our web app allows you to visualize all the information gatehered and obtain analytics for your business.


FieldPro has been the ideal tool to help our field force improve their performance. It is an easy to use solution that facilitates day-to-day monitoring of the team, achieve objective through improving performance of the team on the ground."

Pascal Simon


Amarante Consulting

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