Farmers certification

Collect detailed data from farmers to conduct certifications. Take photos, register locations & more.


What is this workflow ?

This workflow is relevant to track the identification of farmers and ensure they comply with quality standards to allow their harvest ot be certified.

With it you will benefit from the following features:

  • Farmer identification (socio economic, field size, GPS location, type of harvest, pictures, etc). Start from scratch with data capture from mobile or upload your existing database in bulk.

  • View all interactions done with the farmer (training, audits, purchases, etc)

  • Monitor trainings delivered

  • Conduct detailed audit on quality standards compliance (inputs used, etc) to be certified

  • Follow the maturity of the crops

  • Enable your field users to purchase directly to farmers with mobile money integration

  • View data on different time cycles to measure each season separately

  • Custom forms to collect data from the field for impact assessment

  • Send SMS to farmers to keep them informed about events (purchases, training, etc)

Who is this workflow for?

  • For field officers in charge of engaging with the farmers, to train them and monitor their harvesting practices.

What KPIs will you get ?

Field Force Monitoring

  • User On Boarding (Log in, active on the app)

  • Field Activity (activity levels per day per user)

  • Time worked (start, end time, visit and transport time, visits per hour)

  • GPS tracking (movements during the day, timeline with farmer visited)

  • New farmer created (per user, per day, per type, etc)

  • Visits (number of visits, time spent, % of farmer portfolio visited)

Workflow specific

  • Number of farmers trained, type of training

  • Quality assessment checklist results

  • Compliance levels

  • Purchases made, stock levels

FieldPro templates show you how with our no-code app builder you can obtain different workflows to digitse and automate your field processes. Our mobile app enables a flexible data collection in the field and our web app allows you to visualize all the information gatehered and obtain analytics for your business.


FieldPro delivers great dashboards that help give a clear view of field operations. In the current two projects where I have directly interacted with FieldPro, the team has been open to suggestions and quick at implementing requested additional features and functionalities. The support is also great. I will no hesitate to recommend FieldPro to anyone keen to gain field insights."

Jeremiah Siage




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