Order & Delivery

What is this workflow ?

This worflow is relevant to track the sales process which involves a pre sales / an order, followed by a delivery. The delivery can happen on a next day and be handled by another user that the one who registered the pre sales, typically a delivery officer in a vehicle carrying the stock. With this workflow, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Synchronised customer database between web and mobile

  • Multi criteria search of customers

  • Geo visualisation of customers and deliveries to do

  • Real time GPS tracking

  • Definition and monitoring of the journey plan

  • Google Maps Navigation

  • Quantity and value of product sold / returned

  • Means of payment / payment details

  • Expected / Effective delivery date

  • Picture taking

  • Electronic signature

The sales can also assign the delivery activity to a particular driver

Who is this workflow for?

  • For order taking: sales representatives, front desk officers

  • For deliveries: delivery officers, truck drivers

What KPIs will you get ?

Field Force Monitoring

  • User On Boarding (Log in, active on the app)

  • Field Activity (activity levels per day per user)

  • Time worked (start, end time, visit and transport time, visits per hour)

  • GPS tracking (movements during the day, timeline with customer visited)

  • New customer created (per user, per day, per type, etc)

  • Visits (number of visits, time spent, % of customer portfolio visited)

Workflow specific

  • Calls (Visits) / strike rate

  • Sales volume and value, per product, sales rep, customer

  • Customers in debt, credit amount

  • Deliveries monitoring (status, payment, etc)

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FieldPro is a highly customisable aplication build for the last mile distribution chain. Its intuitive and user friendly design make it easy to scale accross various user categories like riders, shop owners, sales reps and more. The team is very dedicated, dynamic, friendly, and always fast to respond and the perfect partner for growing organisations"

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