Supply Chain Sourcing

Record your suppliers, monitor what you purchase from them and the quality of their raw products.


What is this workflow?

This workflow can be used to monitor your purchases from your suppliers. This is relevant in the context of buying raw inputs where you have a variety of different suppliers, like smallholder farmers, and you want to identify each of them and track the quality of what they provide to you.

Thanks to our payment integration you can pay the farmers directly through mobile money.

Who is this workflow for?

  • For users in charge of the collection (milk)

  • For field users in charge of purchasing the harvest directly to the farmers

What KPIs will you get ?

Workflow specific:

  • Quantity and value purchased by unique supplier

  • Quality of the product purchased as per the internal rating

FieldPro templates show you how with our no-code app builder you can obtain different workflows to digitse and automate your field processes. Our mobile app enables a flexible data collection in the field and our web app allows you to visualize all the information gatehered and obtain analytics for your business.


Optimetriks solution has been generating real time information to decide or act quickly in our dairy business as dairy products are so perishable that require fast actions to minimize loss. We use them to control our products' delivery status to our clients (outlets and agents) through sales representatives, and also for customers' compliance handling as the customers comments on quality of our dairy products."

Melkam Endale


Zagol Milk


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