Technician Visit

Digitise the after sales support if an equipment is not working properly. Record the visit done to the customer and intervention done.


What is this workflow ? This workflow is designed to track the interventions done by your technicians on the field. It will allow you to ensure a high quality of service and satisfaction from your customers.

With it you benefit trom the following features:

  • Access to the customer profile (contact information, existing subscriptions, GPS location, etc)

  • Technical documentation on the equipment to maintain

  • History of previous interventions done

  • Equipment on which the intervention applies

  • Report of intervention

  • Customisable intervention questionnaire

  • Electronic signature of the client

  • Pictures of the intervention

Who is this workflow for ?

  • Field Technicians

  • Maintenance Officer

  • Technical Inspector

What KPIs will you get ?

Field Force Monitoring

  • User On Boarding (Log in, active on the app)

  • Field Activity (activity levels per day per user)

  • Time worked (start, end time, visit and transport time, visits per hour)

  • GPS tracking (movements during the day, timeline with customers visited)

  • New customers created (per user, per day, per type, etc)

  • Visits (number of visits, time spent, % of customer portfolio visited)

Workflow specific

  • Journey Plan compliance

  • Interventions made (type, duration, success)

  • Problems identification

FieldPro templates show you how with our no-code app builder you can obtain different workflows to digitse and automate your field processes. Our mobile app enables a flexible data collection in the field and our web app allows you to visualize all the information gatehered and obtain analytics for your business.


FieldPro has been the ideal tool to help our field force improve their performance. It is an easy to use solution that facilitates day-to-day monitoring of the team, achieve objective through improving performance of the team on the ground."

Pascal Simon


Amarante Consulting


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